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Toric Integration

Toric is used by Architecture & Planning, Civil Engineering, Construction, Real estate operations, and developers to leverage their existing data. Using Toric companies can combine design, project, and finance data in one place for real-time analysis, insights, and decision making.
Works with:Autodesk Build,
The Integration

Navigate to the Integrations page in Toric to configure your ACC app. Create an Automation to get your data into Toric.
Leverage Toric's no-code platform to transform your data. Connect any node to charts; choose from bar charts, pie charts, and more. Share your Data Apps with stakeholders.

Toric is a data tool allowing organizations to connect to ACC and consolidate data for analysis and insights in one workspace.


  • Connect to ACC or access to files, issues, RFIs, cost data, and more in one workspace.
  • Transform data in Toric without code.
  • Build dashboards and reports and share with all stakeholders.


Technology built byToric Labs


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