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SkillSmart InSight Integration

SkillSmart InSight
SkillSmart is a growing technology company that provides tools for owners, general contractors and developers to collect, monitor and report on key workforce and business performance indicators on economic development & infrastructure projects.
Integration forBIM 360
InSight Dashboard Capture
InSight Dashboard Capture
InSight WMBE Capture
The Integration

This integration enables joint customers to make critical project decisions with real-time data, including diversity and inclusion data points. Through the Partner Card, customers can view regularly updated workforce, vendor, and key performance metric data directly on their BIM 360 dashboard.

InSight’s best-in-class collection, monitoring and reporting technology collects critical data – such as payroll, diverse and local workforce utilization, MBE participation and supplier tracking – to make our clients compliant and competitive.


  • This integrated product will help project owners, developers, and general contractors collect,
  • monitor, and report data in a new ways to move beyond compliance tracking
  • to ensure local and diverse resources participate in economic development.


Technology built bySkillSmart, Inc.


Partner Phone(301) 250-1015

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“As an organization, we want to know the economic impact we are making in our communities. It’s important to us, and it’s a differentiator because our clients also care about economic empowerment. We would have tracked this data even without SkillSmart, but now what used to take our team 40 to 60 hours a month to determine takes just a couple of hours.”

- Lynn Littlejohn

“High-profile projects often have specific workforce requirements to report on diversity, residency, and other skilled trade employment data. SkillSmart is designed to capture this information and compile it into customized reports. Having SkillSmart adapt to our needs has significantly increased our efficiency and helps showcase the results of local workforce outreach efforts on our projects."

- Dannis Mitchell