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RoomScan LiDAR Integration

RoomScan LiDAR
Our mission is to deliver accurate as-built floor plans via your mobile device, quickly and simply.
Integration forPlanGrid
PlanGrid Integration Demo
1 - Object is LiDAR scanned and recognized
2 - Floor plan symbol added in AR view
3 - Floor plan symbol appears in PlanGrid
The Integration

LiDAR is perfect for creating floor plans, so RoomScan LiDAR has a user experience created from scratch just for the iPhone 12 Pro and new iPad Pro. Accuracy, speed of capture, and ease of use are unparalleled, and the scanned floor plan data can be uploaded into PlanGrid at the tap of a button.

Enable access to up-to-date as-built floor plan data in PlanGrid.


  • RoomScan LiDAR creates precise 2D blueprints. It recognizes common building components by applying
  • AI technology to data from the laser scanning sensors on the latest iPhone and iPad models. RoomScan
  • LiDAR rapidly classifies, accurately measures, and positions these components on a floor plan.
  • Blueprints can easily sent to a corresponding PlanGrid project.


Technology built byLocometric


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