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Matrak Integration

A material tracking platform, Matrak was designed to simplify and support the complexities of tracking and managing materials — building visibility throughout the entire supply chain. Matrak connects with your existing processes and systems. 
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Matrak automated reporting
Matrak automated reporting
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Matrak material tracking
The Integration

Matrak's materials tracking system ensures construction materials are available on time, in the right quantity and quality. Driving supply chain transparency and lowering risk of project delays. 

Matrak's material tracking platform connects all companies involved on a project through their materials. And connect and share material movement information to key project stakeholders, creating fully visible supply chains. 


  • Shares materials status and supply-chain data from your suppliers, logistics and installers
  • Colour-coded construction drawings, visually highlighting live status of materials
  • Access to custom reports, showing shipping, quality, defecting and progress insights
  • Graphs showing percentage completion across different floors, zones and locations on each build


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 As one of Australia's leading Tier 1 builders, we know that stagnation means death. This is why we've invested heavily in co-developing world-leading technology with Autodesk and Matrak. We are excited for this partnership, as it means the systems we and our suppliers rely on are working together - allowing us to deliver the highest quality and the shortest timeframes for our clients.

- Allan Comello, DfMA Ops Manager, Built

We're making data available to people who've never had this access before. With hundreds of the world's leading suppliers already on the Matrak network, it makes sense to make this mission-critical data available on the Autodesk platform. ​

- Shane Hodgkins, CEO/Co-Founder, Matrak

One benefit to replacing some of our processes with Matrak is the awareness of delays as they occur. The colour coded feature makes it easy to see delays, which allows us to be proactive with getting tasks back on schedule.

- Adrian Altobelli, Project Manager, Icon