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HiPerWare Integration

End-to-end IIoT platform including hardware, software, digital twin, and big data analytics. Solutions based on HiPerWare ensure energy efficiency and high-performance operations, as well as optimise technical facility management.
Integration forBuild
Works with:Autodesk Build
The Integration

Leverage HiPerWare's multi-view functionality on the APS platform to gain deeper insights into building operations and maintenance. Navigate between BIM model, schematic diagram, and single-line diagram views, highlighting the interconnections between different systems and components.

HiPerWare's digital twin functionality is built on the Forge platform, which offers a wide range of features for 3D design, engineering, and construction workflows


  • Import 3D Models stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • HiPerWare will provide you with the customized dashboards and reports
  • Monitor and analyze data


Technology built byHiPere it!


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