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Geometrid Integration

Geometrid helps construction project stakeholders achieve complete visibility across the supply chain. Building owners, developers, and contractors get real-time updates in an interactive BIM environment for element tracking, progress monitoring, analytics, and reporting, all within a web browser.
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Introducing Geometrid - Supply Chain Monitoring and Analytics for Construction
The Integration

With Geometrid integration, project teams are able to monitor their supply network directly on Project Home dashboards on Autodesk® Build or BIM 360® to enhance their supply chain management and element traceability across workflows and easily share that data with other project stakeholders.

Geometrid enables building owners, developers, and contractors to achieve complete visibility across their supply chain in a web-based interactive BIM environment for project monitoring, element tracking, progress reporting and performance analytics.


  • Project monitoring – get a real-time overview of the project supply network in your BIM environment
  • Element tracking – get the latest information about every building element at every project phase
  • Progress reporting – get instant progress reports for different activities and supply chain steps
  • Performance analytics – get granular performance insights by BIM property, activity period or stage


Technology built byGeometrid


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