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FME Integration

FME Platform is the no code soluion that integrates all of your data, so that it flows effortlessly to wherever you need it, whenver you need it.
Integration forBuild
Works with:Autodesk Build
The Integration

Convert and transform your Autodesk® Docs® models and drawings with FME, the data integration platform from Safe Software with the best support for spatial data.

With FME, you can design custom ETL workflows that connect directly to your Autodesk Docs models, integrate your BIM and CAD data with hundreds of other systems, and perform powerful data transformations.


  • Import construction documents stored in Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • Confirm data quality and transform the data into visuals
  • Export visuals back into Autodesk Construction Cloud
  • The automation saves time and minimizes the risk of errors
  • Our integration empowers teams to leverage the power of their data to make informed decisions


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