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BIMetriX Integration

BIMetriX is a software company creating tools to make the use of BIM on field easy for planning, cuantification and control in construction projects 
Integration forBIM 360
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Filtering Data on a Particular Floor
Total Volume of Concrete in Models by Floor
Tracking Project Progress with our Last Planner PPC Tools
Weekly Concrete Pour Planning
BIM Intelligence
Works with:BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Coordinate
The Integration

With this integration, now, all models in BIM 360 are accessible directly from BIMetriX, along with the different versions of the files. This information can be updated, so teams on the construction site have access to the latest data for planning and control.

BIMetriX provides a simple, intuitive, cloud-based solution for construction planning and control using BIM directly on the construction site. 


  • BIMetriX amplifies how teams can capture data on planned and executed tasks on site
  • BIMetriX transforms the collected data from the modes into performance KPIs (BIM Intelligence)
  • Combines information in the BIM models with the schedule and resources assigned in daily operations


Technology built byBIMetriX


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Quotation mark

"BIMetriX has help us to track accurately project progress reducing the need for field visits since we can visualize tasks planned and completed using the BIM Models. I've been looking forward to this integration, as we already use BIM 360 and this is going to make things work even more seemly with BIMetriX" -

- Ignacio Falcone, Icafal.

An interesting solution is the one developed by Bimetrix, a startup that, through an application based on BIM models, programs how a project should be concreted. Leaving behind the traditional and manual way of doing the work, which was based on paper. -

- Rodrigo Sánchez, Echeverría Izquierdo.