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ProTrak Integration

The Complete Project & Communications Tool for Construction Professionals
ProTrak saves you money by saving you time. Use our simple newsfeed to quickly identify progress and issues in you projects. No more having to worry about expensive and hard to use software.
Integration forPartner Card
The Integration

Access all of ProTrak features through a BIM 360 partner card on your Project Home dashboard.

ProTrak saves you time: all your projects, suppliers, and clients on a unified dashboard, with a newsfeed of your interactions, where you can quickly identify progress -- and issues. Stop worrying about expensive and hard to use software.


  • Integration gives you full access to ProTrak within BIM 360 using a partner card
  • Create an account or sign up to in order to access
  • Invite team members and maintain the new feed updated through multiple channels


Technology built byProTrak


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