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PointFuse Integration

PointFuse is an integral part of any digital workflow. The conversion of point cloud data into easy-to-use segmented 3D mesh models is an essential part of an integrated workflow utilizing reality capture data to facilitate better decision-making across projects and industries.
1_PF large scale Mesh with RGB Texturing
1_PF large scale Mesh with RGB Texturing
2_PF Mesh model selected and classified
3_PF Mesh and LOD200 BIM model created from NavVis VLX data
4_PF Mesh clashed against design in ACC Model Coordination
5_PF Mesh viewable within ACC docs - 2
Works with:BIM 360 Coordinate, BIM 360 Docs, Autodesk Build
The Integration

Integrating PointFuse Asset mesh models into ACC delivers real world conditions into the hands of the entire project team, in a format that can be easily interpreted. The unique classified mesh structure enhances workflows such as Model Coordination, scheduling, verification, and clash detection.

PointFuse software bridges the gap between reality data capture and data utilization by converting point clouds into intelligent 3D mesh models.


  • Automatically converts point clouds into segmented mesh models
  • Provides efficient classification tools to create intelligent and deliverable asset mesh models
  • An average of 100x reduction in size of reality capture file, compared to the point cloud
  • Reduces manual modelling time and cost by over 70%
  • Direct link to Autodesk Construction Cloud to publish reality models for viewing and collaboration
  • Additional workflows for Model Coordination, Scheduling, Verification and Clash Detection


Technology built byPointFuse Limited


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Quotation mark

“Because people are now fully understanding the project thanks to [the federated PointFuse and Revit model] model, they are able to suggest improvements based on their expertise that none of us would have spotted before.”

- Bas Rongen, BIM Manager, SPIE Nederland

“We estimated that, in this case, modeling the original point cloud data to produce a detailed building information model would have taken two professionals two weeks at a cost of $54,000. Deploying PointFuse to produce a mesh-based model took one professional two days, at a cost of $9,400.”

- Shane Rabar - VDC Mgr, DPR Construction

“PointFuse is an instrumental part of our ability to deliver exceptional quality while also operating leaner.”

- Mark Norton – Group BIM Dir, ISG LTD