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KRAAFT Integration

Kraaft is the WhatsApp for infrastructure construction teams. Chat like you're already doing... And feed customized forms & explore photos on maps as you've never done before. We're serving 230+ customers in Europe & the US. We have raised 3M€ and are a 20-people team.
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Reconcile Field & Office
Reconcile Field & Office
One conversation per project
Geotagged pictures
Custom reports
The Integration

- Real-time messaging with geotagged pictures & automated voice transcription
- Custom forms & reports (toolbox talks, daily reports, claims, etc)
- Automated classification of pictures
- Digitized jobsite documents

Kraaft is a messaging application tailored for construction. On the top of the highly simple chat interface which field teams love... You have modules to explore photos on maps, build custom reports, integrate in your favorite software, etc.


  • Make Kraaft available on the Autodesk platform
  • Allow web users to access geotagged pictures on map
  • Send data directly into appropriate software


Technology built byKRAAFT


Partner Phone+33184606468

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Quotation mark

"This app is amazing for paving & utility contractors!"

- Dan d'Ambrosio, VP @CassidyPaving (MA)

"Kraaft saves me a lot, lot of time! And I use it every day, like Facebook or WhatsApp."

- Abdelhakim Bouaouilou, Foreman @VINCI

"Our client really loved the fact that we’d share pictures with him directly. It makes his job much easier.”

- Nicolas Borgnano, Foreman @Decarroux