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Genda Integration

Genda provides real time construction labor insights, helping contractors see who’s on site, where they are, and what they are doing right from their app.  Contractors get unit-specific trade work data enabling performance and productivity insights, and the ability to view plan vs actual schedule.
Integration forPartner Card
Genda Partner Card
Genda Card Installation
The Integration

The Genda partner card lets you view the Genda console as part of your ACC Insights dashboard 

The Genda partner card lets you view the Genda console as part of your ACC Insights dashboard 


  • View site headcount and breakdown
  • View safety orientations completed
  • View hoist usage analytics


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Genda’s solution is innovative and simple to use. Genda has given us a way to produce actionable data that is used for contact tracing and optimizing production efforts. Using Genda, we expect continued improvements in both safety and efficiency. 

- John Andres, ANDRES Construction

Making decisions carries risk. In construction, not making a timely decision carries greater risk. Genda provides real time data that allows us to make more timely and more educated decisions. Being able to make adjustments to schedule or identify schedule slips in real-time, with accurate data, allows more consistent schedule management.

- Jeff Robinson, Project Engineer

Through Genda, labor hours can be verified by location and broken up by subcontractor to create an accurate report of actual work performed daily. Genda eliminates paperwork for jobsite foremen while creating useful data for construction managers to rely on. Aside from labor verification, Genda provides a number of tools to help manage jobsite logistics and safety. 

- Brit Jordan ANDRES Construction