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Formworks Integration

Formworks is an iOS native app, as well as web based solution, designed to transform the way companies capture and share data in the field and in the office. Integrate with BIM 360 for seamless data sharing.
Integration forBIM 360
Example Health and Safety Form with scoring logic
Example Health and Safety Form with scoring logic
Formworks on an iPad
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Management Portal
Works with:BIM 360 Build, BIM 360 Docs
The Integration

Formworks allows you to design and deploy custom forms that work offline (iOS) such as HSEQ, design data, concrete diaries, inspections, project cost tracking etc. Features include integration with BIM 360 to automatically log data against projects and generate issues

Create powerful mobile forms that work offline & use logic & aggregation to validate field data. Send data directly into BIM 360. 


  • Build your own powerful, offline forms for field based data capture
  • Send data from custom mobile forms directly into BIM 360 folders
  • Generate issues in BIM 360 from your mobile device with custom, detailed reports


Technology built byDigital Field Solutions


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Formworks is an exceptionally customisable application and has generated considerable efficiencies for our field teams. It has helped us embrace the changes we need to harness the power of our data while empowering our staff with the automation of complex processes.

- Skanska stakeholder

The accuracy of data has greatly improved, with prompts now appearing to ensure engineers and drillers are recording all the information required. The process is now much more streamlined so time and costs have been significantly reduced.

- BAM stakeholder