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DAQS.IO is dedicated to assisting AEC companies to Specify, Verify and Comply with the data quality demands of information models set in the BIM execution plans.
Integration forPartner Card
partnercards performance
partnercards performance
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DAQS dashboard
The Integration

The DAQS partner cards are a subset of the DAQS dashboard. DAQS analyses Revit files and extract the information needed for analysis. The results are shown on a company and project-specific dashboard, guiding your attention to where it is required.

DAQS, an easy solution for continuous assessment of Revit data quality and Revit model performance.


  • The DAQS partnercards show the performance and quality of Revit models over time.
  • Revit models are analysed and specific modelling techniques affecting performance are evaluated.
  • Revit models are judged by specific metrics to give a quality score.


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