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Constru Integration

Constru is building the future of efficiency with an AI-powered construction solution that turns captured imagery into insights for better data-driven decision making.
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Works with:Autodesk Build
The Integration

The Constru platform leverages next-generation computer vision and AI to create insights for data-driven decisions. This includes comparing your BIM to 360° images of your Jobsite and automatically highlighting discrepancies between plans and as-built.

Push auto-detected-by-system discrepancies into their Autodesk Build as Issues and manage the Constru items together with their manually detected issues.


  • Reduce rework costs using discrepancies detected automatically faster
  • Manage all field issues, including issues reported automatically by Constru in Autodesk Build
  • Save hours of site walks to detect issues, and easily communicate with the person in charge


Technology built byConstru


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